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Finnie with Post Mistress at Arnprior Scotland 7. View of the Ottawa, Lower end of Lac des Chats 9.

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Haunt of the Bitern They are oblique views from an elevation of about feet. These views show the area of the Nopiming Game Preserve and the creek behind Elliott's farm where the beaver dams were located that Macnamara studied. It was built in Photo probably taken about Lumberyard — loading lumber in cars 10 — McLachlin Bros.

Lumber Co. Connecting links of pipe. McLachlin wooden bridge, Mill House. Logs ready for mill seen in background. Macnamara — winter clothing for snowshoeing Charlie — s — taken by Ligouri Gormley partner in doing bird census Charles Macnamara on snowshoes Charles Macnamara photographing a snow track Uncle Charlie Charles Macnamara collecting insects Men cutting tree, Feb. This is near White Lake and about 15 miles by road from Arnprior. Copy of Pitcher Plant above. Built by left to right Baptiste Charbonneau, Severe St. It is highly prized by the Chinese as a medicine, but our doctors say it has no therapeutic value.

  • Atlético anuncia contratação do atacante Franco Di Santo – Galo News?
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Ida Burwash, Mrs. Burwash, Grannie Mac. Morris, Mrs. Armon Burwash, , Mrs. Cranston, Mrs. Simpson, Mrs. Cole, Mrs. Front row: Mrs. Finnie, Mrs. Jean Macnamara — 7 years Jean 14 yr. Jean 10 yr. John Chrysostom from east? Shutt in bow of boat Bridge over the Mississippi — Armon B.

Mac Load of wood from Gillies Bros.

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Shannon Charles Macnamara in winter outfit for snowshoeing Result of giving a porcupine a friendly slap… Going home to Pontiac on the Quebec side with grain or flour Load of wood from Quebec side crossing on winter road on ice — Lac des Chats Jan. About 12 ft. She looks shabby now. Dredge at 3 Mill, Oct. Furnaces 2nd Sept. Cutting ice and lowering pipe into river. Furnace 2 Sept. I Mill June 35 — Big engine in No. May McLachlin Bros. Opeongo April 29, to Nov.

…a walk on the yarny side

Grist Mill. Rear view towards the east. Grist Mill Front View, Sept. B68 Neg. McLachlin No.


B69 a No. The Leslie Finnie point is shown before the dam raised the water. Of note is correspondence with the Library of Congress regarding Macnamara's modified gum-bichromate process. Scrap Book Charles Macnamara's scrap book containing letters, articles, newspaper clippings on various topics such as Beavers, snow shoes, astrolabes, birch bark canoes, the Cadieux Monument on Callumet Island etc.

Also contained in file is a note from Charles Macnamara to Charbonneau and notes made by Jean Finnie for partial search of lots at Marshall's Bay from Ottawa Registry Office undated. File 2: Letter Book with accompanying handwritten index compiled by Phil Powell in File 4: Prints from "Hawkins' Picture of Quebec' - Macnamara printed these from glass plate negatives. The original book which he copied these prints, was at the Library of Parliament, Ottawa.

This was a complimentary copy for Macnamara. Abbott gum-bichromate and Platinotype Papers. This book belonged to Charles Macnamara's sister Marian who recorded quantities of wool handed out to various women who knitted items such as scarves, mittens, gloves, socks and helmets for the war effort. Several pages have been cut out of the front of this ledger. Small number of photographs included in diary. Dougherty Inventory of Property of C. Macnamara A Petition - Poem by C.

Macnamara Proceeds from Sale of Cameras April 26 Inventory of Stamps bought by C. Sheils original handwritten version and typed copy. Lepine is writing from the Richelieu Hotel in Ottawa dated June regarding a dispute over the employment of Roland Laferriere as cook and his subsequent arrest for drunkedness. File Anderson's Herbarium - contains only one unlabelled speciman mounted by Macnamara. File Publications and Correspondence from F. Martin Duncan, London regarding storing techniques of soft-bodied insects. File 8: 1. Auction Accounts and Correspondence to Jean Macnamara 2.

Inventory of Arnprior House Contents 3. Scale 2.

Atlético anuncia contratação do atacante Franco Di Santo – Galo News

Macnamara completed this map while researching Champlain's lost Astrolabe. See Series 3. File containing items about Nopoming Game Sanctuary: small, hand drawn map of area of Concession 14, Lot 2 and 3 where Nopoming Game Preserve was established. Dymond at the University of Toronto ; June news clippings regarding battle to save the game preserve from industrial expansion.

Original hand drawn map by Macnamara showing location of four beaver dams which he studied extensively near Goodwin's Bay on the Ottawa River. See Oblique views of same area taken in Box K3. Each album contains photographs and hand written observations compiled by Macnamara in scrap book form. The albums include prints from Macnamara's earliest glass plate negatives to photos taken shortly before his death in All prints were labelled and dated in a meticulous fashion by Macnamara. INDEX below is also available in box with files.

Robertson liked exotic things. He also was the owner of the peacock.. CM answers this in some detail. No photograph. The early name is Lorne Sutherland. I believe this photograph was taken with the Sutherland children sitting on the first Finnie cottage veranda. Information on the developing of the prints. This picture of it still burning was taken 28 December [?

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  7. It was still on fire 1 March , but went out shortly after [that date? This is the Chats Falls. Put together in or Mainly hand written. Several pages transcribed by Jean Cunningham. White birches - 30 April Flooded road at creek. Gray squirrel is rare.