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1. Write your Yes or No question
  1. 2. Dial up approach motives to drown out the avoid motives.
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It came down to a simple question -- "Will you pay me money to help you? Ever been in a meeting when people are asked to give suggestions, and every single one is shot down?

2. Dial up approach motives to drown out the avoid motives.

No one likes those meetings. Do you know what happens when you turn down every shining light bulb someone gives you? You end up in the dark. True, not every idea is a brilliant one, but even a dull glow can cast a light on the next big thing. Creativity is a positive force. Back when Grove was getting its roots, I was talking to an investor about our early successes.

At the time, we had been growing our client base for the past six months and were plowing right along. Then he turned to me and said, "Do you think you could double your clients in one month? Saying yes to this investor wasn't a matter of scrambling to do the impossible; it was a matter of proving the possible. I knew deep down we had the resources and the reasons to scale, and his challenge helped us do it in a fraction of the time. If someone you respect including that little voice in your gut offers you an opportunity to say yes, it's a sign that he already knows you can.

All you have to do is agree. And then execute. When you think about it, saying yes to something always means saying no to something else. Choosing to become an entrepreneur meant saying yes to owning a company and building financial freedom with my own hands -- which meant saying no to stability and health insurance and being a cog in the wheel of someone else's dream.

I knew what I wanted and what I was capable of doing, and it was worth a nod in the affirmative. To be clear, making everything a "yes" is not the same as saying yes to every single thing. It's the difference between stretching out what's important and spreading yourself too thin. It's the difference between burning bright and burning out. Of course, the hardest part about the intentional yes is knowing which opportunities to accept, and which ones to let go.

Since every "yes" will take you in a different direction, make sure it's where you want to go. So say yes when it matters -- because it does.

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Next Article -- shares Add to Queue. Image credit: PeopleImages Getty Images. Chris Hutchins. Guest Writer. July 9, 5 min read. Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. I should. Absolutely brilliant, a comprehensive overview of what it means to start, run, and build a business.

And a lot of it is in these kinds of bulleted, numbered points. He was teaching the book over the course of four years, before he wrote the book. I want to memorize this book.

Logic Puzzles

Who knows, my ingesting of books might get a little more serious. They really are my best teacher. I love that book. That book tells you to create drones, you see the woman who helped schedule this interview with me? He goes, if I told her to specifically what to do, all she would be is a shabby carbon copy of the way I would do it. Instead I tell her, you go, you be the entrepreneur of Buzz for me, and you go and figure out this job.

So, because I take what Seth Golden says so seriously, I started operating that way, and I feel like operating that way means you just hand off responsibility off to someone else, and you say, go do it. How do you feel about that? And it sounds like a personally hand written letter. Anytime somebody says, did my CDs arrive, first you click this, look at the inventory, then you click this button and it will send them the appropriate response to tell them if their CDs arrived.

Even the CD buying customers were a side effect. Rule number one is make the musicians happy. And other than that, your final goal is to just make the musicians happy, so whatever it takes. In those positions, when you have both of those you just let the person go.

Meghan Trainor - NO (Official Music Video)

That even the. Like if you and I were artificial intelligence how would we be having his conversation? At what point. You could dive down the rabbit hole and try to automate and teach rules for every way that you think about everything. I think at a certain point. More people need freedom to be creative.

Instagram users mistakenly believe new question feature is anonymous | Technology | The Guardian

More people need to be like entrepreneurs within an organization and Gerber would say the opposite. He would say more people need to have systemized roles. I think he even used the example of a lawyer needs to have a systemized job. At what point do you give people complete freedom and at what point do you give them a complete handbook?

You seemed to also have given your people a script.

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Maybe those scripts are bad. Maybe scripting people does help but it needs to be the right script and it needs to be a little less rigid. I have an assistant who helps me with some of my email. She kind of.

How to get your Yes or No answer?

One of them, for example, this is kind of a lot like scripting the cinnamon gum. Here, let me.

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Wow, thank you so much for emailing. I make it a rule with my personal email too. In their own minds, everybody is Mick Jagger. They are that important. Especially because I deal with musicians so much.

The Liar and the Truth Teller

Being a musician is a really weird thing. Imagine spending so much of your life up on a stage, shouting your personal feelings into a public address system. Not looking down on it, but just honoring it. I see, okay. So not so much a manual the way a big company might hand its employees and scripts the way that a bad call center might hand its employees.

2. Dial up approach motives to drown out the avoid motives.

Maybe more like a set of stories and philosophies the way a religion would manage people for years after its founders died. The gum is enough. Thank you. I think it might even be western U. I think that, at Nordstrom, they teach people this. This is our return policy. If someone wants a return, give it to them.

End of story. They might even tell some of these parables. At CD Baby we had some of these parables, and I guess maybe because it started slow, where it was just me for the first year, then just me and John for the second year, it grew slowly enough that we could tell some tales. Then the way. Tell them to start tomorrow.