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  1. A Girl's Guide to Vampires (Dark Ones #1) by Katie MacAlister
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A Girl's Guide to Vampires (Dark Ones #1) by Katie MacAlister

A Charmed novel. One of the three witch sisters begins to be overwhelmed by precognitive dreams of disasters which are somehow linked to a mysterious statue. Some mysterious force is affecting the witch sisters in different ways, stealing their powers. During an art festival, Buffy notices that one artist who specializes in the Tarot has an unusual effect on people, as well as vampires.

As her friends begin to succumb to some dark magic, she discovers that the goddess Kali is intervening in Sunnydale.

My Vampire Boyfriend~ Episode 1 {I found my soulmate~!} Gacha Life Gay Love Story

The witch sisters have to save a trouble boy from a supernatural evil. Buffy and her friends battle an ancient Aztec god seeking to return to the world when they find a mirror that was part of a treasure carried by a Spanish galleon. The mirror allows people to examine their own fates. The new teacher in Sunnydale is actually a generations old witch who has marked several of Buffy's friends to be sacrifices in a ceremony designed to enhance her powers.

The early days of Spike and his battles with Vampire Slayers. Three witches get caught in the middle of a battle between preservationists and developers when a supernatural force begins to prowl around a vacation resort. Are You Afraid of the Dark A young girl accidentally causes the magical death of a black cat, so now she decides to help it return from the dead. The gate to another universe proves more trouble than help to an unhappy youngster.

A government research project creates an apeman whose unusual nature results in the deaths of numerous people.. In Victorian England, a demonic force sacrifices humans to stay alive. A recently deceased man is brought back to life by an experimental drug, and finds that the people responsible are unwilling to let him return to his normal activities, preferring to keep him under close observation. The drug is still active in his body, and is changing him into something that is no longer a human being. A medical experiment leads to the development of psychic powers.

Telos, , revised. Bodies are discovered in various locations, kept alive at great effort, but with no consciousness. One policeman concludes that there is a being abroad who can move from body to body, virtually immortal, and who does not want his existence suspected. White Bizango PS, Be Not Afraid Random House, A teenager has a confrontation with the supernatural. Zombified Kensington, Zomburbia Kensingston, A haunted house variant. A Millennium novel. Special operatives try to solve the mystery of piles of human ashes, apparently victims of a bizarre cult that has tapped into a genuine occult power.

An ancient family curse involves psychic abilities, all mixed in with international intrigue and a variety of subplots. Interesting ideas but frequently confusing. A faith healer senses the presence of a supernatural evil. A young girl discovers that her brother is a werewolf.

Monster Hunters 4. A youngster is kidnapped by the American equivalent of the Loch Ness Monster.


Monster Hunters 2. A group of kids know that someone is a werewolf, but they have to wait for the moon to get full to find out who it is. Monster Hunters 1. Something is mysteriously killing livestock on a farm. Monster Hunters 3.

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Kids vs a poltergeist. Monster Hunters 5. The friends travel back through time to the Salem witch trials. There's an unusual explanation of the lamia's existence along with an above average story of a successful man who falls under the creature's influence. Exact duplicates of Angel and his friends appear, each intent upon murdering the original.

A gang of juvenile delinquents are actually vampires, organized and under the leadership of a respectable businessman. The novel is a bit more focused than the film, but obviously lacks the visual effects. An ancient order of Druids arrives to help Buffy watch over the Hellmouth, and perhaps close it at last. Just as it seems relief is in sight, however, Buffy discovers that someone is stalking her friends.

The discovery of a fabulous treasure in Mexico is a decidedly mixed blessing. Gigantic undead creatures emerge from under the earth, intent upon avenging the violation of ancient holy places. A powerful supernatural being directs the monsters until the protagonists find a way to turn the tables. A new doctor in a small town finds that a plague of senseless violence is tearing the community apart. She seeks a rational explanation but is slowly led to the conclusion that witchcraft is being used to work out a carefully planned vengeance against the entire community.

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A woman who can hear spirits is taunted by the devil's minions. A series of brutal killings appears to be the work of a maniac, but a reclusive writer and a burglar suspect the truth, that there is a genuine werewolf living among the townspeople. A bus driver who claims to be a werewolf helps a teacher deal with a haunted classroom. Blood Moon Rising Scholastic, A group of teenagers figure out that a series of attacks in their Florida town is the result of a rampaging werewolf. The police believe that a recent murder was the result of a vampire cult, but a group of teenagers believe it was actually the work of a real vampire, perhaps Dracula himself.

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A band is held together by more than personal loyalty. Their success has much to do with the satanic nature of their leader and the awful pact he has made with the supernatural. When a nurse tries to help, she becomes a potential victim of the cult. A rock 'n' roll horror story. Witchcraft creates a hideous monster which kills and absorbs everything living which it touches, growing until it can move to accomplish its supernatural mission of revenge.

Sex, Lies and Vampires

Invulnerable to conventional weapons, it refashions its body when attacked, always ready to strike again. Rival magic may be the only defense. Revised and reprinted by St. Martin's Press in as Helltrain. Five individuals, each of whose personal background is far from exemplary, board the same train, to set off on a journey unlike any they have ever experienced before.

100+ Of The Best Creepypasta Stories On The Internet

Some truly nasty characters. See Down Bound Train. Intimations of Mortality, Boulevard, Forever Knight 2. The reluctant vampire hero is given a doll that supposedly will help him to become mortal again, but instead it sends strange dreams of another world where the vampires rule. An affair with a ghost. Collection of unrelated stories not all of which are horror. A young adult horror novel about a vampire menacing a small town where a genetically engineered dog attacks people by having his fleas dissolve their bodies for easier consumption.

Bonnie Bennett

Wacky, sometimes funny, sometimes gross. A very unusual young adult horror novel. A magical horror movie causes physical changes in the bodies of its viewers, some of them pretty disgusting. Written in an interesting style and with a pretty complex plot line. A late night beach party turns into a carnival of terror when a group of teens stumbles into a torture chamber inhabited by malevolent ghosts.

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  • Sex, Lies and Vampires (Dark Ones #3) by Katie MacAlister.
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For younger readers. Bestial Leisure, A plague of werewolves infest a town. Only two people foresee the horrible consequences which might result, endangering every teenager in the area. An unexpurgated version appeared in a limited edition hardcover. A variant version of Crucifax with parts edited out by Pocket books. The charismatic leader of a New Age cult is actually possessed by a demonic creature. In a secret cavern, human sacrifices take place routinely, and converts are bound my more than just the power of religious fervor.

Evil creatures invade the bodies of humans.